COVID-19 Response SEED Funding

COVID-19 Response SEED Funding

The UF Informatics Institute invites applications for data science, machine learning, AI and mathematical modeling related research that can be rapidly mobilized to help address various facets of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This RFA is designed to support projects that can be accomplished in 4-6 months and will contribute new knowledge that can inform the COVID-19 response and/or lay critical groundwork for subsequent research while extramural funding opportunities emerge.

This RFA invites applicants across a spectrum of interdisciplinary subjects such as clinical and epidemiological data research, outcomes and health services research, supply chain issues, economic impact issues and the development of new technologies and methodologies. It is expected that research supported by this mechanism will result in one or more publications in a peer-reviewed journal and provide critical preliminary data to support extramural applications.

Submission Guidelines

The next round of COVID-19 SEED Funding is TBA.