UFII Fellows 2020

UFII Fellows - 2020

Vratika Chaudhary
Postdoctoral Scientist

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Research Interests:
Conservation technology, population ecology, disease ecology, natural solutions for climate-change, decision-analysis

Yi Han
PhD Candidate

Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Research Interests:
Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Maggie Hantak
Post-Doctoral Associate

Natural History
Research Interests:
Color polymorphism, global drivers of body size change

Inyoung Jun
PhD Candidate

Research Interests:
Antibiotic Resistance, Clinical Decision Support System, Electronic Health Records

Peng Liu
Ph.D. Candidate

Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests:
Computational Neuroscience; Artificial Intelligence(AI); Computing medical imaging

Daniele Pinton
PhD Candidate

Civil and Coastal Engineering
Research Interests:
Numerical modeling, salt marshes, coastal wetlands, UAV-based mapping technologies, hydrology and hydrodynamic, water quality, ecology, estuarine morphology

Daniel Stribling
PhD Candidate

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Research Interests:
Bioinformatics, Computational Genomics