UFII Fellows

UFII Fellows 2020-21

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Vratika Chaudhary

Postdoctoral Scientist

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Conservation technology, population ecology, disease ecology, natural solutions for climate-change, decision-analysis

Yi Han

Graduate Student

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Maggie Hantak

Postdoctoral Associate

Natural History

Color polymorphism, global drivers of body size change

Inyoung Jun

Graduate Student


Antibiotic Resistance, Clinical Decision Support System, Electronic Health Records

Peng Liu

Ph.D. Candidate

Biomedical Engineering

Computational Neuroscience; Artificial Intelligence(AI); Computing medical imaging

Daniele Pinton

Ph.D. Candidate

Civil and Coastal Engineering

Numerical modeling, salt marshes, coastal wetlands, UAV-based mapping technologies, hydrology and hydrodynamic, water quality, ecology, estuarine morphology

Daniel Stribling

Ph.D. Candidate

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology

Bioinformatics, Computational Genomics