George Michailidis, Founding Director

Dr. Michailidis joined the University of Florida in January 2015, as the founding Director for the UF Informatics Institute, and served until January 2023. He came from the University of Michigan, where he was a Professor of Statistics and EECS. His research focuses on developing methodology for high dimensional data and addressing the corresponding algorithmic and inference issues. Specific research projects include joint estimation of multiple graphical models, vector autoregressive models, pathway enrichments analysis and fast monitoring techniques for high-dimensional streaming data. He has also developed extensive methodology for the analysis of time-evolving networks. Applications of his research includes analysis of Omics data for studies on cancer and diabetes, as well as studying computer, communication, transportation, social and financial networks.

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 Thrust Areas

  • Informatics Techniques and Technologies

  • Biomedical and Life Science Informatics

  • Informatics for Engineered Systems and the Physical Sciences

  • Informatics in Social Science, Humanities, and Education

Research Areas

  • Machine learning and analysis of high dimensional data

  • Network Analytics

  • Analysis of Omics Data with applications to cancer biology, diabetes and microbiome

  • Stochastic control

  • Optimization and computational and numerical methods

  • Visualization