UFII Inaugural Annual Symposium 2015

March 19th, 2015


Dr. Michael Franklin, Professor & Ass. Chair,Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, Berkeley

Event Synopsis:

The Symposium was focused on Big Data and Informatics problems across scientific disciplines while fostering cross-discipline collaborative efforts to solve them. It  also served as the introduction of the UF Informatics Institute, newly formed under the UF Rising Preeminence initiative by the Vice President of Research to meet the challenges in the future of data sciences and to facilitate leading edge informatics research in all scientific sectors. This symposium is the first of many to come to foster the Informatics Institute’s mission to develop and nurture integrative research and education studies at the University of Florida.

The scientific program included keynote speakers across scientific fields, a moderated panel with an open question session, and a poster session showing casing UF Informatics Institute SEED Funded scientists. This was an all-day event with breakfast, lunch, and a reception at the Florida Natural History Museum provided.

Thank you to all who assisted and participated in making our event a wonderful one!

Symposium Photo Gallary

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