Informatics Institute and UF’s AI Initiative

AI Initiative

The Informatics Institute is proud to contribute to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative at the University of Florida.

Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning and other emerging tools are revolutionizing the way we live. UF launched the AI Initiative to advance and apply studies across the university enterprise as a fundamental pillar of our academic pursuits. This initiative will train our graduates for an AI-enabled world through new university-wide curricula. In addition, UF anticipates enhancing our research computing with some of the nation’s most advanced AI machinery. Together with our own home-grown supercomputer, HiPerGator 3.0, we will have some of the very best and fastest supercomputer resources in U.S. higher education.

UF’s official Artificial Intelligence website provides information about AI courses, certificates, activities, initiatives, news, and more.   

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AI2 Center The Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center, known as AI2 (AI squared), is the UF focal point for academic initiatives related to AI and data science. The center coordinates the development of AI academic programs and certificates, identifies opportunities for faculty and students to engage with AI, organizes seminars and conferences, and partners with UF’s Career Connections Center, Florida’s colleges and universities, and private industry in collaborations to best train an AI-ready workforce that will contribute to our nation’s economy and security. 

AI Initiative at UF

Build supercomputing resources in AI to tackle real-world problems.

Become a model in AI across campus for UF students to engage in their discipline.

AI Workforce Development that can serve as a template for other institutions.

AI Seminars

AI at UF

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